Mike’s Proven Record of Delivering Results for South Dakotans

  • Authored 34 legislative proposals that were signed into law in his first term. Full list here.
  • Prioritized customer service, responding to more than 147,000 constituent letters, phone calls, emails and messages during his first five years in office.
  • Assisted nearly 3,000 South Dakotans who were having problems interacting with the federal government.
  • Led the repeal of Obamacare’s “Cadillac Tax,” which threatened to raise the health care premiums of over 400,000 South Dakotans.
  • Appointed Chairman of the newly-created Cybersecurity Subcommittee within the Armed Services Committee. This committee has led efforts to improve the cyber readiness of our armed forces.
  • Facilitated joint partnerships with cyber, national defense and science with South Dakota resources like Dakota State University, Ellsworth Air Force Base and the Sanford Underground Lab.
  • Ellsworth Air Force Base secured as the location for the first two B-21 Raider bomber squadrons - the training squadron and the operational squadron.
  • Secured funding for snowpack monitoring devices along Missouri River basin recommended following 2011 flooding.
  • Worked in cooperation with tribal leaders to secure funding to improve the tribal justice center in Sisseton, helping to keep communities safe.
  • Secured seven provisions in the Dodd-Frank banking reform package, which rolled back burdensome banking regulations and made financing more accessible to South Dakota families.
  • Worked to prevent a VA closure committee, similar to BRAC, that would have put the Hot Springs facility in jeopardy of closing.

Mike is working with President Trump to make life better for South Dakotans.

Under GOP Leadership, we’ve:

  • Cut taxes;
  • Eliminated Obamacare’s individual mandate;
  • Supported South Dakota farmers and ranchers during difficult economic conditions;
  • Successfully fought for better trade policies
  • Advocated for fair implementation of support programs such as the Market Facilitation Program, which seeks to provide assistance for farmers and ranchers impacted by ongoing trade disputes.
  • Eliminated overbearing Obama-era regulations such as Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) and the so-called Clean Power Plan
  • Strongly promoted corn ethanol including year-round sales of E-15
  • Fought to make sure 15 billion gallons of ethanol is blended into our fuel supply annually
  • Worked to reshape the federal judiciary, confirming two conservative Supreme Court nominees and more than 180 conservative judges to the federal bench;
  • Consistently supported the 2nd Amendment;
  • Upheld longstanding pro-life policies, including maintaining restrictions on federal funds for abortion by making sure Hyde protections remain in appropriations legislation;
  • Cut hundreds of burdensome Obama-era regulations:
  • Savings have reached $220 billion & cut regulatory costs by $50 billion
  • Work has saved American households an estimated $3,100 each year
  • Cut 8 and a half regulations for every new rule
  • Supported the administration’s efforts to reduce the impact of the Department of Education and return more local control to states, through reform efforts, Congressional Review Acts and rescissions of unnecessary Department of Education rules.
  • Supported President Trump’s efforts to strengthen border security;
  • Supported the administration’s efforts to take steps to withdraw from the water surplus rule and assert states’ rights to access water that flows within their borders.
  • Opposed impeachment and efforts to derail the president’s policies;

Working with President Trump, we’ve delivered for South Dakota.

American Economy is Soaring:

  • Best employment situation since 1969
  • 8 million new jobs
  • 8 million fewer people on food stamps
  • Net exporter of energy
  • Wage growth for low-middle income households is outpacing the top 10% - which is good for working families.

“I’ve focused on results in the U.S. Senate.  Our South Dakota values are at the center of every decision I make.  I’d be honored to earn your support once again.”

- Mike